Every market has it's own mad person this an African proverb that says for every setting there must be the weird one. From rogue pastors who have been exposed for false prophesies and reaping off the faithfuls to now rogue doctors Kenya is indeed full of dramas. Doctors are trusted by the patients with their health hence when you visit one you expect nothing but best of health.

Every profession has its codes of conduct and for this reason doctors are prohibited from having any form of sexual relationships with their patients,however law breakers are everywhere and many at times they've went against the set codes. When being attended on by a doctor there is all sorts of body touching depending on the illness in question,they are hence allowed to do so,however there is also inappropriate body touching where the doctor escapes his duty to serve his perverted fantasies.

It's emerging from numerous testimonies from various female patients that some doctors have been taking advantage of their female patients,Achieng,22,testifies,"I remember when I was 17 I visited this Doc had severe chest pains,he made me remove my top and bra as well claiming he wanted to check my heartbeat,he ended up caressing them" Joyce 37 and a mother of 2 says,"When I was expecting my first baby,during my breast cancer tests this doctor demanded to suck on my n*pples to suck the milk,saying it's taste will tell him the results,and by then I didn't even have any milk yet,he then proceeded to caresse my boobs but I was clueless,later realised what he was doing,so uncouth"

That's not the end of the tale,this isn't new either,abortions are illegal in Kenya but according to latest released reports about 460,000 abortions are secured yearly in Kenya. This is an obvious indication that the practise despite it's illegality is very much rife. Being so,its a backdoor affair and very secretive. Numerous confessions especially from the campus girls whom have secured abortions exposes that the doctors who facilitates this act will demand sexual act with you before anything else. Its not one or two doctors who does this but a,large number of them. Owing to the desperation of those in dare need of the abortions they give in. The doctor according to testimonials will give an ultimatum to the desperate patient that she either oblige to have sexual intercourse or no abortion. Desperate times calls for desperate measures,they'll give in. It's also  emerging that majority of them opt out of using protection during this forced affair,further escalating the infections rates.

Amina,a Muslim narrates how she was posed to have an arm injection but the doctor insisted on having it on her buttocks which she describes and is evidently endowed,she defied basing it on her religion that doesn't allow for body exposure especially the sex regions to none other than the husband. He ended up giving the jab in the recommended place,arm. The cases are many that can't fit in on one post.

Despite all these not every doctor does this,there are many who sticks and abide by the profession's ethics from day one and this should not be used as an a stereotypic theory on all doctors. But at the end of the day,it should be known that there are those who contradict their mandate.


  1. its da high tym 4da rogue dockz 2 stop dis habit...GOD s watching

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