CLARIFICATION On Supposed Death Of Former Kenya First Lady LUCY KIBAKI

Reports have been doing rounds on social media that the former first lady is supposedly dead and was buried 8 months ago.

The rumour was ignited by a blog Uhundo and was later picked up by other sites and widespread of the rumour on social media.

The loud silence from the subject could make one believe and take on any single "leak" of info.

The rumour has however been thrashed by a highly reliable and close source via a mail sent exclusively to Nairobi Exposed. Going to prove the rumour as a hoax. Here's a screenshot of the email with leading parts and id edited out to protect source.

With the given links NE has counter checked the facts and can confirm Lucy Kibaki is still alive and at undisclosed location in Nairobi under close medical care. Therefore Kenyans should pray for her quick recovery and ignore death claims.