An Arsenal supporter lost part of his ear on Saturday night following an altercation with a Manchester United rival after a match between the two English teams.

According to Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation, the 16-year-old Form One student at Kisumu Boys’ High School had part of his right ear bitten off by another boy, a Form Two student. United beat their hosts Arsenal 2-1.

Speaking at Railways II Estate house in Kisumu, the boy said he met his friend identified only as Kato on his way home after watching the televised match in two different halls.

Kato allegedly rebuked him, telling him that he should not have wasted money on the game only to see “mother” being beaten. Incensed by the remark, he hit Kato in the face. Kato left as if he had left the matter to rest.

“After I had walked a few paces, he came to me ... held me by my shoulder and I did not know he was bent on biting me.

“All of a sudden, he sank his teeth into my ear. Only after he had cut part of the ear did he run off into the darkness.” He was treated at Kisumu East District Hospital.


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