K'Ogalo fan Jaro Soja landed a job at (SSMB) handed by President Uhuru Kenyatta after champions Gor Mahia visited State House on Friday last week.

Talk of how football fanatism can benefit a supporter and Gor Mahia die-hard Jaro Soja now knows that too well.

How fortunes can change when one seizes an opportunity. That is the story of one Jared Abong'o, the self-proclaimed chief of K'Ogalo Defence Forces.

Jaro, 34, has earned great fame for his passionate support for league champions, Gor Mahia, was part of the delegation that met president Uhuru Kenyatta at State House on Friday.

"When he got the chance to speak to the President, Jaro knew exactly what to ask from him," said Billy Arocho, a close friend of the president, who was at the meeting.

"The man just said he needed a job and CS Wario suggested that he be employed by Sports Stadia Management Board which the President agreed.

On Sunday speculations went round that Jaro Soja had turned down the Job offer claiming he insisted would do good with a business capital offer from the President. Rumors indicated that Jaro was being skeptical that the new job would limit his moves and freedom to move around freely with the team.

However, Jaro has since come out to dismiss those speculations saying he's on track and has a scheduled meeting with the Sports CS today, Monday, to get instructions and his new position in the board to further ahead with his new duties. "I am very glad that the President has given me the chance to be employed. I will forever be grateful to him," Said Jaro.


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