On Friday 14th Nov 2014, while driving to attend an ODM leaders consultative meeting in his own native Homa Bay Country, Hon Otieno Kajwang - Senator Homa Bay County, was involved in a serious road accident. He escaped unhurt but his driver and fellow passengers were seriously injured. His vehicle, a sturdy Japanese 4x4 Prado was completely written off.

Hon Kajwang made it to the meeting and in his widely cheered address to the gathering, Kajwang condemned ODM rebels who have lately been gravitating towards Jubilee administration. Kajwang was unequivocal, urging his Party Leader Raila Odinga to start mechanisms to investigate these wayward members and possibly expel them from the party altogether if they cannot support ODM party policies and programs.

That same Friday night, while asleep in his home, Kajwang received a late-night threatening call from a prominent ODM Governor who went ahead to warn him about his uncompromising stand on party rebels.

Yesterday on Wednesday, within the precincts of a certain group of CORD MPs among them Augustine Neto accosted Kajwang and warned him of dire consequences if he does not stop his hard line stance on advocating for expulsion of party rebels.

Later that night, Kajwang is taken ill, reportedly complaining of chest pains, vomits and is pronounced dead at the Mater Hospital.Those who saw Kajwang's body would notice unusual bleeding which there could be NO way in consequence of the acclaimed accident to have caused his "heart attack"

Mere coincidence?



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