Gospel artist Willy Paul who's been making more headlines on sex scandals than he does on music is yet again in the middle of another where his current girlfriend is said to be a hardened drugstore.

People have been bashing Paul and the couple and he came out firm to stand for her

This what he had to say;

Willy Paul Msafi
"People change.... I have made a stand... to stand with my girlfriend through thick and thin.... she had a very bad past but now her life is all new.. thanks be to God... I love her so much and will do everything possible to make her happy especially now that shes all new... everybody has a past so I dont think its wise for anyone to judge her. No one is perfect... you can hate but that wont change the fact that shes changed. .. only God can judge."

Let's hear your thoughts on this below


  1. All the best Willy

  2. Ujaluo utakumaliza and i think this is illuminatti do their things. #dead

  3. Exactly Willy,God can change u from nothing to something. Congrats. Let's hope u r going to love her to the fullest coz an artist will always be an artist. They change partners like clothes.

  4. too bad 4 willy, bt if it is so, then gud luck

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