Jacob Juma who was shot dead by hitmen on his way back to his Karen home is not a stranger to controversies which made him the most talked about businessman.

Jacob, branded himself online as a fierce, fearless anti corruption crusader, releasing several confidential files to the public, exposing the rots in Jubilee. He's credited for being the whistle-blower of NYS, Eurobond heists.

In the line of exposing, Jacob Juma made sack full of elite enemies especially with the government more so Ruto whom he relentlessly poked at slightest opportunity

Theories and Jacob's timeline points at the top Jubilee officials as being the main suspect even though the police is yet to make public their angle of suspects.

Interestingly, Jacob Juma boasted of having gritty details of the Eurobond heist that has supposedly robbed taxpayer billions. Barely, two weeks ago, Jacob had promised to release sensitive files on Eurobond that would send the regime into thorny bed.

Here's some of the tweets Jacob left that adds to strengthen conspiracies that he was hit by the corruption cartel.


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