Today in the morning at around 5:00 AM MRC attacked ‪‎Nyali Barrack‬ with intent to murder soldiers and rob firearms.They jumped through the perimeter wall while armed with machetes and UNFORTUNATELY hacked one soldier on guard killing him.

The other soldiers fought back shooting dead 6 MRC militants on the spot.They wore black clothes,blue ribbons on the head and talked in a 'particular' vernacular language during the attack.

They were saying that they have been protected by special charms by witchdoctors.

The attack seems systematic,well planned and executed since ‪‎Malindi‬ AP camp was attacked and vehicles damaged.


  1. WTF- u shdn't show this shit uncensored.fuck...HONGERA TO THE KENYAN SOLDIERS. FOR A GOOD JOB WELDONE.