For sometime now speculations have been running around as to how the former first lady Kibaki is faring on. Some opportunist bloggers seized the confusion moments and speculated her death allegedly few months ago. Many bought the story but NE went behind scenes and nullified the speculations confirming that she was still alive but suffering from some illness.

The information received was limited and the source only concerned with assuring the public of her health. However once again Nairobi Exposed has received new developments from reliable source in Karen hospital.

NE can report authoritatively after facts checking that the former first lady has both her legs cut off following a cancer attack that prompted the amputation. Lucy under the personal doctor Dr Dan Gikonyo the owner of Karen hospital have managed to keep the secret from roving media and played it on the low. "i've seen her on the exclusive private wing ward where I too has a relative there,I was stunned but people around including some nurse said she has been there recuperating,I couldn't believe my eyes seeing her without legs,life is such a rollercoaster" explained the witness to NE.

Another source a worker at the private hospital confirms to NE,"yes,this is no secret and my hands are tied against revealing further information but she got her legs amputated and has been in and out of hospital,it must have been sometime in 2011 but I only came to know about it last year"

The last time Lucy was was seen on her two legs was during the constitution promulgation and looked jovial as she enjoyed dancing to local gospel tunes. Unfortunately that would be the last time,many people wondered as to her whereabouts during Kibaki's power handover to Uhuru earlier this year.

The latest revelation can now go to explain all these,topped up with the mental condition,the former lady surely needs Kenyans prayers.


  1. soo sad. May Almighty God see her through. My prayers with you mama Lucy

  2. Sad, just learnt of her death yesterday. May her soul rest in eternal peace...

  3. Sad, just learnt of her death yesterday. May her soul rest in eternal peace...