Abdullahi on Tuesday declared that he would not offer any apology to Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku for statements he posted on Twitter linking him to a land tussle.

Through a letter to the CS’s lawyer, Mr Donald Kipkorir of KTK Advocates, Mr Abdullahi responded to a letter sent to him on Tuesday demanding an apology.

Mr Abdullahi called the demand utter nonsense, stating that he could justify every word he tweeted about the CS.

His letter reads in part, “What reputation or character are you talking about? What hatred, ridicule or contempt are you talking about? To quote the now famous words of American owner of Liverpool Football Club, ‘what are you smoking over there?’…”

He then goes on to tell Mr Lenku that he must kidding for making the demands.

The tweets that sparked the letter exchanges between the two were posted by Mr Abdullahi on Saturday.

“Where does one turn to when the cabinet sec in charge of security ole lenku storms and takes over your farm ala mugabe style?” read the first tweet.


Mr Abdullahi went on to post, “Yesterday and today ole lenku with 500 maasai warriors and 75 GSU officers took over by force Nguruman farm. He arrested all 76 workers.”

The land in question was said to have belonged to a Kenyan of European origin, and Mr Abdullahi, who is representing the owners, said he and his clients called police officers, including the inspector-general of police, and they said they could not touch the CS.

Mr Abdullahi later added another tweet about the CS, “This is what happens when a doorman in 2 star hotel becomes … CS in charge of nation's security. He starts stealing from his neighbours.”



  1. Those are the leaders we have. Its like trying to clean garbage. Expecting it to look beautiful. God is watching and the storm will come.

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