As expected Kajwang's untimely death has got Psuedo conspiracy theorists out of their shells trying so had to prove how mentally challenged and dragged they are.

While initial media reports surprisingly made by jubilee affiliates led by Kindiki indicated that the late died after a cardiac arrest, the family sought services of an independent pathologist who was to perform an autopsy on the body to determine cause of death.

However online pathologists have already determined cause of death and not waiting for the professionals results. According to an online survey conducted by Nairobi Exposed, the theorists largely affiliated to jubilee led by down low lawyer and writer to the standard Wahome Thuku,the late had consumed an overdose of viagra to entertain his side dish before suffering a cardiac arrest and rushed to the hospital with the MWK who according to their disillusioned thoughts escaped after.

This gstring theory is and can only be bought by fellow bafoons given the fact that that late's family gives an absolute divergent chronology of events.

Kajwang' left the Parliament bar where he was in the company of four other legislatures before driving straight to his home where he started complaining of chest pains and was rushed to the hospital in the company of his wife and he even walked himself out of the car at the hospital before losing his life moments later.

The viagra theory has been used to mask truth and muzzle up those pursuing truth and other theories, when Mutula died they blamed it on this, when former Gatundu South whose seat would later be occupied by the foreskin enthusiast Moses kuria they blamed it on the pills,when George Thuo did they blamed it on the pills and recently when Wetangula collapsed and later diagnosed by the doctors for simple fatigue they blamed it on the pills and now Kajwang'? Oh please give us a break thought you people are paid well to think outside the box. Put your brains into work boys and girls this theory is over used more than a prostitutes knickers my bad they never have any like some skulls don't have brains.


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