Let's start with where it all began, Obama and Michelle hosted head of African states for a dinner at White House during which photo pops were in order. When it was Uhunye's turn,it was all good, smiling faces, with his hands behind Michelle's back it was just interesting, to him yes from the look on Uhuru's face he was really having time of his life.

First forward weeks later the duo met again in New York and this time Maggie was not missing. Margaret and Uhuru were with the US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama during the reception hosted in honour of Heads of State and Government attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

Now a closer look revealed something, boy Uhunye had wrapped up Michelle's waist like someone almost falling off a plane, while Obama kept a distance from Margaret, Uhuru was too close and extra passionate with Michelle

Now Michelle looks easy and enjoying the moments right? All this time Maggie and Obama have no single idea of whats going on.

Question is,what's going on between Michelle and Uhuru, why these mushy photo pops,what message is Uhuru silently sending out? We sure there is. Meantime, our boy did it again