On Monday the former prime minister took his Okoakenya campaigns to Kwale accompanied by his able team. Everything was upbeat until one man attacked the CORD leader hitting him twice with a walking stick.

The unfortunate accident would then open up the can of tribalism, unethical, ridiculous jar in the media fraternity. The news as many was first broken via social media and the language used totally uncalled for but well calculated to suit their spirits.

The most synonymous headline across all boards was 'Raila CANED' now this is belittling in the context it was put. In journalism there is a rule which states its not the story that matters but how you tell it. The news angle or rather how the journalist want the story to be told is mostly led by own feelings most of the times.

For instance, in Raila's case it would be for me 'Raila attacked by a strange man at his rally ' that is a bit ethical or maybe not according to where you stand,compare that to this, "Raila caned,Raila whipped..... " these words are carefully chosen to not only report the incident but MAJORLY to ridicule and make fun out it.

Kenyan media clearly went into a celebratory mode hiding in the name od reporting Citizen even disrupted normal functions to transmit Obadiah live from the field. The reporter who seemed to have broken the news first, he even goes ahead to give advice on how the Pm's security should ,the mood in his choice of words totally celebratory. To him it was so bad it amounted into beatings, wow.

Now look at how the star reported it

You don't cane someone with a big stick you hit them caning is normally with a slender stick lets check our dictionaries but that didn't matter since the agenda of ridiculing and belittling Raila was on.

A renowned journalist and writer with the standard Wahome Thuku perhaps for his last name couldn't hide his joy and went full berserk

His other counterpart ever boiling with outrage at the CORD leader also was on the other end having a dance of his lifetime.

Nairobi Senator calling Raila BABU a clear ridicule on his title Baba was also celebrating the beating

Now as if that wasn't enough, KTN went fishing for all the jokes online ridiculing Raila in what is purely gutter and yellow journalism at its best continuing their celebrations

That aside, without counter checking facts, it was hurriedly reported that the man was an old mzee and a mad person. Journalists turned into psychiatrists and doctors instantly. The man turned out to be only 40 and in stable state of mind but since objectivity was missing from onset overtaken by the cheering mode nothing seemed to matter and instead of sticking to the facts they went to feed the propaganda.

Even NTV wasn't left out using caner instead of attacker talk of pushing the agenda

There's so many journalists and oh wait was almost forgetting KamemeFm who had the best ridiculing moment even using a file photo of Raila whipping his tears years back when he came from eyes surgery ,they made it look like he was crying, being a Kikuyu targeted audience and given the political atmosphere, the language and mood set had all the intentions written all over it

The irony of all this is that the same people who condemned the shoe incident in Migori were now celebrating the Kwale incident opening wide the tolerance to violence and venomous tribalism rifts. Even the media itself was very objective in reporting the Migori incident the exact opposite of Kwale.

The list can go on and on,when you see one person who should feature in the list notify us in the comment box and will update their names in the shame list Nairobi Exposed is an independent site paying no allegiance to no master and its the truth that we stand for Kenyan media should not veer off from being objective you have stopped being the watchdogs and letting statehouse tea run your heads, there's still time to change. We will be now watching your backs and feature here more often, catch you on the next.


  1. If all journalists would think this way we could actually be #WeAreOne. kudos NE

    1. They work hard and are Hard and are poorly remunerated.poor journalists?? Form a union.

  2. I don't think that is what journalism profession entails,basic ethics is important.

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