A few days ago, the Country was treated to rare and most unexpected attacks on Hon. Raila Odinga and Taita Taveta Governor Hon. Salim Muvrya, when the two leaders in the company of other Cord leaders, addressed a public rally in Kwale. The purpose of the rally was to drum up support for Cord’s initiated Referendum process. It was variously reported that a middle aged man who infact appeared haggard emerged from the crowd at the Kwale Rally and hit both Hon Odinga and Governor Muvrya with a walking stick.

He was subsequently overpowered and disarmed. In the local media, conflicting reasons were advanced for his action. In one media report, it was said that the man got worked up because he had missed handouts which was allegedly given to the people at the rally. Although there was no such handout given. Another media report stated that the man was mentally unstable and yet another one said he was fed up with the calls for Referendum.

However, CORD luminaries and particularly firebrand Eliud Owalo has mentioned one Sonko as the one behind the attack,"the truth has now emerged that the Senator in fact hired the man to commit the heinous act.Confessions have comeforth from the man’s accomplices that he was given a down payment of Ksh.30,000 to do the dirty job." Owalo quoted saying.

Sonko has since come out dismissing these allegations saying they have no base. However, Nairobi Exposed went back digging to the Senator's initial reaction and subsequent posts on his Facebook account. The tone in the posts obviously not painting a disappointed man at least as compared to the Migori's incident.

Laced with sarcasm but the massage is clear

We all know Raila is referred to as BABA but he referred to his as BABU now simple analysis would tell one that to him Raila is an old folk which is understandable given his political arena
Previously, Sonko is on tape in a group of other jubilee sycophants who included musician Jaguar with one businessman saying they'll silence Raila. Sonko is also on record saying that he'll deal with Raila at one point telling a rally that he will do something to the Babu that he will never forget.

That said, there's no direct evidence that the Nairobi Senator indeed paid the attacker though his statements on Raila could easily make one believe that he did it.

Do you believe Sonko could have paid the man to attack Raila or Not.


  1. Those accusation were not correct.The man was fed up with calls of referendum which to him and most Kenyans is irrelevant.

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